Saturday, February 15, 2014

Interview: Fetarah Designs

10 Questions w/ the Winner of the Social Media Challenge in 'Fashion is a Business' Boot Camp

When did you first realize you wanted to create your own brand?
Malika Moore: I always knew I wanted to form and run my own business. Entrepreneurship was always in my plans, and it was just a matter of realizing Fetarah. This happened about 3 years ago, and I've been at it ever since.

Do you design all of your pieces yourself?
MM: Yes, I design and create my pieces (necklaces, bracelets, rings, hanging earrings) myself, by hand. My vintage button earrings however are created by up-cycling and re-purposing buttons and other notions to create jewelry. I have plans to design my own line of buttons in the near future, as well.

As a group, how would you describe the style of your pieces/brand?
MM: I would describe my aesthetic is modern vintage with ethnic/tribal influences.

Did growing up in the islands affect the way you run your brand and your brand in general?
MM: Yes and no. Yes, because I'm an island girl at heart, and the culture and vibrancy of the Caribbean will always be a part of my identity and by extension, my brand. ["Our culture is different."] As a young designer, you have to pay your dues, so you automatically start with your local market as your target. You have to get your work, name and brand out. You have to network and be known. On the other hand it doesn't affect me, because I travel and have been exposed to international markets, and I understand the dynamics of the way they do business.  Technology has made it easy for us to connect and explore the global community, so I use it to adapt, expand and grow my brand outside of the Caribbean.

You juggle cultivating Fetarah Designs, while pursuing a career in Marketing and Advertising. How are you able to have time management, and does your personal life get affected by this?
MM: I'm naturally a busy bee- years of working in PR and Events have prepared me for my current portfolio. I manage my time by making many to-do lists. I don't allow it [managing all of her jobs] to affect my personal life because my family and loved ones are very precious to me.

What demographic do you want to target with Fetarah Designs?
MM: The Fetarah lady is classy and chic. She loves fashion and isn't afraid to express her personal style. She uses every opportunity to dress up and show the world who she is. She is an accessory junkie, and she collects them because she knows her life (and style) wouldn't be complete without them.

What are your favorite pieces in your line?
MM: I LOVE them all, but I swear I can't live without my vintage button earrings and statement necklaces.

When you first started this line, and what was your vision for it?
MM: My vision and mission remains the same: to create from my heart, unique and custom pieces of art, sharing my love and passion with the world, and to reflect fashion, art and design with each piece. I want to make a positive impact on people's lives by building a trustworthy and successful international brand that will create opportunities for other young designers in fashion.

How did you hear about Alicia Favala's Fashion is a Business Boot Camp, and what were your first thought in hearing about the first week’s challenge?
MM: I met Alicia about two years while networking in fashion. I've been to other workshops and webinars that she's hosted, so when she invited me to join Boot Camp, I knew I had to take this opportunity to build my brand. I was not surprised by the challenges at all. Alicia is one of those mentors who pushes you to your limit so that you can realize your full potential. With Favala, you learn to expect this!

Congratulations on the win! What do you think separated you from the rest of the competitors in this first challenge?
MM: Thank you very much. In my current professional job, social media manager is one of my roles, so how could I not put this knowledge and skill to use?

Contact Favala Designs and get a closer look at the line:
Instagram: FetarahDesigns
Twitter: FetarahDesigns

This interview centers around an upcoming growing entrepreneur, rather than Fetarah merchandise itself. LifeoftheAmbitious is not related to Fetarah Designs and cannot personally cosign on any of their products based on personal experience. Thank you.

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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Upcoming Interview

Sharon Carpenter is a host/broadcast journalist from England.
She's best known for her work with CBS, BET Networks, and BBC.
A great role model for upcoming ambitious girls, Sharon is also co-creator and main cast member of Vh1's show "The Gossip Game" and reports on Hip-Hop culture and its endeavors on Russell Simmons'

Being able to have interviewed her, humbled me.
Her take on the music and fashion industries colliding, living in NYC, gaining an internship, and her personal journey comes soon to!

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Friday, August 30, 2013

StylePage: Black Mesh

I had to run a few errands the other day.
Throwing my hair in a bun seems to be like a daily routine.
Watch by Geneva
Ring by Charming Charlie's
Black Long Sleeve by Forever 21
Leather Bag by Jill Scott New York
High-Low Sheer Skirt by Forever 21
Moccasins by Minnetonka

Have a blessed week, everyone! xx
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Monday, August 12, 2013

Today's Morning

I'm currently stuck at the library putting events together for the future.
Posting to this blog has been slow because life has been moving fast.
Hang in there and don't worry- the best is yet to come.

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

StylePage: Classy Polka Dots

I wore this to the Couture House Fashion Show that took place during the NBCC Convention at the Four Seasons Hotel in Palm Beach.
I actually originally planned to wear another shirt, but Favala Designs came to my rescue!
(Story explained in previous post)
This beautiful blouse is from their latest collection and will be out later this year.
It features elegant flaps that go around the one shoulder cross strap and the top of the shirt. The cut sets the shirt apart. It also features a sash across the lower tummy that ties to the side adding even more drama.
In this outfit, the blouse tucked into these polka dot shorts.
I was lucky enough to pick these shorts up from the same sale at Plato's Closet as the gold jumper I wore to the CosmoSplash event. These ended up costing under a $1.00!
Loving the colors and cut in/of this Love, Fire short.
These mid-height black heels have been in my wardrobe for a couple of years now.
They are by Fioni and were purchased at Payless Shoesource.
Of course, I have upgraded to higher heels, now, but sometimes these heels still get some wear.
They are patent, but have knotted cloth detailing in the front.
Pearl Stud Earrings: Part of an earring pack from Forever 21
Geneva Watch: Gifted to me by my mother for my 16th birthday
Silver Twisted Ring: Part of a pack of four Silver Misc Rings from Forever 21

Hair done by @MyazStyling (Instagram)
Photos taken by @trillawny (Instagram)

I hope all of you have an amazing week.

Here are some of the latest milestones for LifeoftheAmbitious:
40 Blog Followers
2K Instagram Followers
16K+ Blog Pageviews

Thank you sooooooo much!
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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Couture House Fashion Show

Last Thursday, during the NBCC Convention, for the Couture House Fashion Show taking place at the Palm Beach Four Seasons Hotel, the energy in the air was hectic, exciting, and anything but calm.
First off, I just want to thank Desiree, Keymanna and Tatyana from Keymanna Management for getting me all-access passes to the NBCCC events. The people met from this experience provided grounding, humbling advice and outlooks.
Before any fashion show, it is always go, go go go go go go. It's as if 20 different new tasks have to be accomplished every time someone turns around. I love this vibe... almost live and thrive off of it. Models were getting their hair and makeup done while networking with each other.

Check out some of the local upcoming models I met on IG:

These vests were fabulous, and they felt so soft! I wish I owned one. They're from the Angelique Terrolouge line.Shoutout to @MyazStyling on IG! She styled my locks to perfection. Love you, mama. 
One of my best friends, Karai, left for Canada for two weeks last friday, so I brought her with me last thursday to this event so time could be spent with her, as well. I'm glad she came and enjoyed herself. 
She and I sat oceanside to watch the fashion show, take pics and chat. We only made it in time to see the show after the Wild Child line was half-way finished, but enjoyed ourselves nonetheless.

Even though I did miss the segment of the fashion show featuring this amazing line, I did meet the amazing woman that is behind it.
The reason why there is a sneak peak above showing some pics from the StylePage coming later this week is because while my best friend was doing my make-up, she accidentally smeared it on my white beautiful F21 shirt with rouged shoulders that I was originally planning to wear to the event! It is not describable the feeling that was being felt in that moment. Ugh!
Thanks to Favala Designs, of course, everything was fortunately fixed.
They gave me a shirt from their newest collection that came straight off the runway from the night before at the NBC VIP Reception, where there was a previewing of the runway shows lines featured in this event. This beautiful piece of art has flaps going all around the one-shoulder strap and a belt that ties toward the side.
It's not even buyable yet, because it is not out!
On top of that, Favala Designs let me keep the shirt at the end of the night. Thank You!

Check out Favala Designs:
Twitter: @favalafavala

As stated earlier, I was unable to catch the shows oceanside before the Rochate' line, so I didn't see the Wild Child Design viewing. My friend was able to snap these shots, though.
It is so cute whenever kids model clothing, especially dresses. Love!

Before the show, I actually got a walk through of the collection by the designer backstage.
Any dyed fabric is done by hand, and the fit is looks effortless. The colors in this collection are spot on with what was hot this summer. My favorites were the ombre bodysuit, the green, blue and yellow patterned dress, and ABSOLUTELY the off-the-shoulder shirt with crochet weave type fabric and matching shorts. I would wear that in two hot seconds!!
Yes, you better work.

Check out Rochate' Designs:

By far one of my favorite collections of the night, La Physique featured gorgeous, confident plus-sized models, full-figured fashion brand.
The designer has had features in local newspapers and online sites.
No matter what size someone is, they can still have fashion as a passion.
The line will be available on later this year.
Check them out at

The grey fur vest: I want, I want, I want!!
It can be stated that some of these looks "stole" the show, such as the dramatic red metallic fitted long dress. The drama was definitely in the building.

My best friend and I can say we enjoyed this part of the show without a doubt. Not to forget, that the shorts were well made and really fashionable, too. During the NBCC Convention, the owner of Lacrosse Playground spoke about the coming up of his line and how it started as a blog.

Check them out here:

What really stuck out for me in this collection was the type of fabrics used. Stunning.
The luxurious hooded embellished cloaks flowed over the models. Those specific pieces made watchers take a second look.
Once the fashion show ended, the room was a buzz with socialites and people in the fashion industry.
My mentor Steven Smith (@HighFashionPriest on IG) and assistant stylist for this event looked dashing as he worked the room, meeting new people. His tie that he is wearing is so dope, right? Well soon, consumers will be able to get one, too. He currently is working on a line that he wants to create and put out.
At the same time, I was busy chatting it up with Miss West Palm Beach Teen USA.
She's 13! Unbelievable, right? She's taller than me.
Here are some of the models from the La Physique line by Rheba C. Turnbull.
The front model's (in the light pink fitted cross strapped dress) name is Asia. I met her there and still keep in contact with her. She is just a burst of joy.

As shown, models were using various devices to follow this blog!

YOU can follow, too, by clicking the blue button on the side above the followers icons and signing into your twitter, yahoo, or google through the pop up, then following through by clicking join this site.

This fashion show was produced by Fashion Designers Expo Florida. They organized all the fashion aspects of the NBCC Convention. The lead stylist for this event was Lashannon Petit of Styling Purpose.

Seeing the smile on Karai's face literally made my night, aside from the fact that I also met such wonderful people! Yet, another night to remember.
Contests and giveaways are coming soon, so follow the blog to be updated and to sign up for them!

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